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Team effectiveness, leadership  and management training

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How good is your team? Teamwork has a dramatic effect on organizational performance. An effective team can help an organization achieve incredible results; in contrast, a team that is not working can cause unnecessary disruption, failed delivery, and strategic failure.  High-performing teams share similar attributes: high levels of trust and accountability, adaptability to change, greater engagement, and resilient mindsets. And, of course, strong leadership.

While many people think of team development as separate from leadership development, a team will never perform to its full capacity without the guidance of skilled leaders. Beyond Limits Consulting's approach to team performance includes both facets of the puzzle: team development activities and leadership and management development programs designed to enable the whole ecosystem to succeed.


Together, we produce a customized team development program to meet your specific organizational needs and mission, focusing on building the skills to resolve real organizational issues (such as the challenges of managing diverse teams across different geographies and cultures). We use highly interactive and relevant activities to engage all team members, from entry-level to senior leadership, while also meeting both individual and group needs.


“Team-based interventions give you more-complete data—shining a light on potential blind spots—but it also reveals differences among viewpoints and opens up areas for discussion.”

Harvard Business Review

Team growth
Attributes of Strong Teams

Self-awareness, as an individual and team member

Trust, mutual respect, and inclusivity

Giving and receiving feedback

Managing conflict

Effective communication and collaboration

Problem solving and decision making

Resilience and wellbeing

Working across cultures, virtually or in matrix teams

Building an effective learning culture

Navigating change and ambiguity

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Case Study:  Using individual strengths to build a stronger team

Situation: A government team of 30 staff had faced a lot of significant change, including a restructure which had impacted moral. This team was also under pressure to achieve substantial business targets. The senior leadership felt the team needed more cohesion, leadership, and development to build greater engagement and collaboration at all levels in order to better respond to its constantly shifting and high-demand work. The team also wanted to strengthen collaboration among the team leaders.


Approach: We worked with the team leaders to understand their issues. This involved developing a series of customized workshops along with putting together individual coaching sessions with certain members of the team. Using various psychometric tools, we explored the team’s working styles and focused on the team’s and individuals' strengths, with a focus on developing a plan to harness these strengths to meet their team and organizational objectives. We also examined different types of leadership skills to build stronger communication and trust, and to strengthen collaboration.

Result: The team adapted the way they worked, morale improved, and collaboration and engagement increased across the team.


“Sam was very knowledgeable in this area, really understood our needs and was able to suggest content, which meant the team were really engaged and contributed to the sessions. The workshops were engaging and ensured maximum participation. The impact of the workshops was felt immediately. Sam’s sensitive and timely inputs allowed staff the opportunity to discuss the changes we had been through and how we might move forward.  The week-long programme was both useful and enjoyable. I would unreservedly recommend Sam.”  

 - Tina, U.K. Diplomat

"Sam stands out to me in two exceptional ways.  First, is her deep knowledge of the organization development field.  She’s a true expert on ideas, frameworks, and tools in the field.  And she can bring these ideas to the right situation for a client.  Her expertise translates in a very flexible and practical way.  Second, Sam has a wonderfully human way of connecting with colleagues and clients.  She meets people where they are and has a deep curiosity about the people with whom she works.  She’s a valuable and trusted partner anywhere she goes.”
Mark, CEO/Founder True North Ventures, Washington, D.C.
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