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Career transition coaching for military personnel and veterans

How we help

I was once where you are today: at the end of a military career and working to achieve success in civilian life. 


At Beyond Limits Consulting, I specialize in helping you take that step. Military personnel and veterans bring invaluable knowledge, skills and experiences to the workplace. I provide personal, practical coaching to ensure you make the best career direction choices based on the strengths and skills you have developed during your military career. 

I support individuals at all levels to help you understand the differences between the corporate and military working environments and work with you to identify your unique and transferable skillset.

Professional Coaching is a one-on-one confidential partnership focused on helping you gain awareness, identify goals, create action plans, and stay on track for reaching professional and personal milestones. Together, we work towards your personal success.



EXPLORE your roadmap: your purpose, goals, values, motivations, strengths, and skills

UNDERSTAND your direction: learn your routes, options, limiting beliefs, and roadblocks

MASTER your journey: build your plan and put in place concrete actions to achieve your goals 

Together, we will:
Coaching Packages

We start with a free 20-minute consultation, during which we talk about your goals, answer any questions you may have, and give you an idea of what you can expect on your journey. I always keep everything confidential to create a safe space for you to explore with confidence.

My commitment to you is to develop a confidential, customized approach to meet your goals, using some of the following tools and approaches:

Explorer Package

 Ninety-minute coaching session 


4:30 pm

A 90-minute journey to explore your goals and increase your self-awareness using different methods of discovery. The outcome will be a clear action plan to make the changes you desire.

Perfect for anyone standing at a crossroads in their career, progression, or life, who just needs a reboot and action plan to drive forward on their own.

Explorer+ Package

Ninety-minute coaching session with psychometric report

Include a psychometric assessment to use as a scientific inventory to provide further self-analysis and awareness.

Voyager Package

Intensive program with three one-hour coaching sessions


4:30 pm

This journey will navigate your goals, barriers, values, and beliefs. Building on your strengths, we will chart your options to actually achieve your goals... or at a minimum be set on a solid voyage to achieving them. We’ll create a roadmap with concrete actions and you’ll have direct access to me via messaging and email during our time together. Additionally, we’ll connect for three 60-minute sessions to work together to shift beliefs and create a vision to get to the next level for your personal or professional journey.  This package may include a psychometric assessment.

Mastery Package

Intensive program with four one-hour coaching sessions


4:30 pm

Go beyond your limits!  I will safely challenge you for your desired change. 3-month package to support you with mastering your goals, including:  

  • 4 one-hour coaching sessions  

  • Extensive tools and motivational exercises  

  • 1 psychometric assessment report  

  • Skills development 

  • Email/chat support between sessions

U.S. Navy diver bust, with Samantha Mathis, military career transition coach, in the background
  • Psychometric assessment tools to provide greater self-awareness

  • 360-degree feedback

  • A strengths-based approach to explore and develop your strengths

  • A prioritized action plan with concrete steps to hold you accountable to the goals you set and the outcomes you want to achieve.

  • Checkpoint meetings and email between sessions

  • All packages can be customized to support your needs

I appreciate your service, and recognize this with discounts on all military/veteran packages.

Jobless Warrior Program 

I partner with the Jobless Warrior Program to offer veterans and transitional military discounted career development coaching services. If you are interested, please visit their website to find out further details and to sign up: Jobless Warrior Program at
Why do this for yourself?

Do you know your value? When fulfilling your full potential, it is enormous. Even (and especially) if you’re on a tight budget, spending money on professional coaching can light a fire under you. It will make you more focused and more directed. And, as your coach, I will hold you accountable for your investment.


I will offer you challenge, perspective, expertise, and empathy. I will identify and acknowledge all of your amazing and valuable qualities while holding your feet to the fire. Together, we will overcome any inner blocks that may be holding you back.


I know you need to feel safe, appreciated, supported — and believed in. I did, too, when I was starting on my new career path. Because, at the end of the day, you’re the one who will have to do the work. But working together, leveraging different tools and approaches, we will get you off the sidelines and onto your journey to success.

"The coaching I received from Sam really helped me to evaluate my work values and personal vision outside of the military. After serving active duty for over fifteen years, the idea of being able to choose the kind of work environment I would like to be part of or the location I would like to live in was very daunting. Her perceptive listening skills and ability to guide my thinking helped me develop, build confidence in my abilities and find a way forward. I highly recommend her coaching for any military professional or veteran.”
John, U.S. Marine Corps Veteran
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