About Beyond Limits Consulting

Beyond Limits Consulting is an international, Pacific-Northwest-based coaching and leadership development firm that specializes in helping individuals and organizations achieve their objectives and goals. 


Beyond Limits draws on owner Samantha Mathis’ personal background as a retired enlisted Royal Navy Reservist and Royal Air Force officer with more than 25 years of experience in the defense, development and diplomatic sectors. A registered corporate coach with advanced degrees in leadership and management, she provides the structure, personal support, and accountability to help people and teams of all sizes and cultural backgrounds explore, understand, and master their goals.

Samantha is a pro bono coach for ‘Ethical Coach’, supporting a broad range of women leaders in the global development sector with organizational, team and professional challenges to improve work performance, relationships and communication.

About Samantha Mathis

I’ve had a far-reaching journey myself! I am an experienced professional, career, and leadership coach, working across the globe. With an extensive background in leadership, learning & organizational development in international environments, I bring a unique perspective that helps my clients learn how to explore and navigate their journeys beyond their limits of today.


My professional career has focused on developing people. My leadership experience is drawn from extensive experience working internationally with cross-cultural teams, often in challenging environments. This has included working with U.K. and U.S. militaries, and on projects for the U.S. and U.K. governments, the United States Agency for International Development and Non-Government Organizations, as well as in the private and education sectors. As a result, I've worked with individual specialists through to senior leaders and ambassadors, enhancing their work with commercial businesses, the general public as well as in-country governments.

I have led and worked with many different types and sizes of teams - government, military, corporate, NGOs and non-profit - in the Americas, Caribbean, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe. No matter the size or shape of the organization and team, I believe in helping you discover the true understanding of the people you are working with to build more effective, and resilient, working relationships.


As a retired Royal Air Force officer and enlisted Royal Navy Reservist, I particularly enjoy helping military personnel and veterans discover their true passion and purpose and achieve equally successful careers outside of the military. I have served three combat tours and also been a military spouse too, so understand the challenges, hardships, and sacrifices military personnel and their families have undertaken together.  

My journey continues: I am currently completing a Doctorate exploring the value of online learning communities on leadership practices. Born in the U.K., I hold dual U.S./U.K. citizenship which helps bring different perspectives to my work.


Outside of work, I love traveling, exploring the great outdoors, learning about other countries and cultures - and am also a French speaker. 


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